DAF 4th annual charity golf tourney

Join us as we Revolutionize Youth Empowerment at our 4th Annual Golf Tourney, Friday, September 27th! We're bridging the gap between local youth and business leaders, funneling talent to employers and building our future workforce in intentional ways. As Queen Creek reaches the 3rd fastest growing town in the nation, don't miss the opportunity to network, empower our teens, and contribute to driving meaningful change! Sign up now and be a part of the wave of transformation!

our mission

To empower today’s youth with the essential soft skills & workforce readiness skills to maximize their true potential in life.

We provides solutions for improving youth employability & overall mental health, helping teens & young adults maximize their unique Strengths and develop positive success habits not taught in formal education today.

We believe the key to building thriving & prosperous communities stems from BUILDING THE PEOPLE DRIVING IT. We are committed to helping our youth become meaningful, productive contributors in our world capable of leading fulfilled, satisfied, & accomplished lives.

2019 WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT COURSE PILOT LAUNCH- Hear the powerful testimonials from students, sponsors, & school administrators following our pilot launch in March of 2019.

youth lives impacted since 2019


Tune into the before & after videos from our 29th Youth Empowerment Course and join the movement to support our efforts to empower teens for a brighter future!

Empowered Youth: Proven Mental Health & Career REsults

our youth empowerment course

‘MAGNETIZED POTENTIAL’ is our eight-week workforce readiness & soft skill development training course conducted in a collective, experiential learning format, where teens discover how to develop and utilize their unique talents, strengths, and abilities to help raise their ceiling of potential in life and become more workforce ready.  Each new week, there are guided, interactive discussions with content focused on helping teens discover how to develop positive success habits for the following fundamental soft skills:

  1. CliftonStrengths Development

  2. Goal Achievement

  3. Living with Purpose

  4. Social Skills

  5. Resiliency Skills

  6. Problem Solving Skills & Decision Making

  7. Resume Building Skills

  8. Interviewing Skills

  9. Career Pathways Exploration

  10. Engaging & Networking with Local Leaders

  11. Maximizing True Potential

course benefits

As a result of the course, participants will gain:

  • Greater sense of self-awareness, self-love, and self-worth

  • Expanded inner belief boundaries

  • Increased levels of optimism, positivity, and confidence

  • Clarity on how to lead actions with purpose & transform desires into reality

  • The ability to achieve meaningful goals on a higher level more consistently

  • Strategies for handling relationship & communication problems more effectively

  • Tools & Insights for solving functional & personal problems and make decisions that serve them

  • Greater capacity to manage responses to life’s emotional ups & downs and persevere through setbacks.

  • Confidence engaging, networking, and interviewing with local employers

  • An understanding for how to pursue career pathways that play to their strengths, abilities, interests, and curiosities

  • Clarity on how to build a strengths-based resume and transform more of their desires into reality

how can you help us make a bigger difference?

quarterly sponsorships

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Leading Sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

Leading Sponsors


Supporting Sponsors

  • Mountain America Credit Union

  • DP Electric

  • Streamline Plumbing AZ

  • Hedgehog Investments, LLC.

  • Potere

  • Joanna Carson-Keller Williams BVO Luxury Homes

  • Use My Guy Services

  • Queen Creek Naturopathic

  • Phoenix Moirai


  • HomeTeam Inspection Service
  • DogStar Drones
  • Courtyard Marriott
  • Caretaker Landscape and Tree Management
  • Michael Coe-State Farm
  • Rick Garcia
  • Total Presence Management
  • Whole Body Healing
  • Ross Williams
  • Dennis Tatlock & Vanessa Darling
  • Mom’s Who Stick Together-Mesa, AZ Conference
  • Roots Cause
  • Ann Martin-Apricity Wealth Management
  • Ty Schraufngel-American Family Insurance
  • Malloy Reis- Edward Jones
  • Lea Spall-New Traditions Realty
  • Bryan McClure-Primerica
  • Eolic Energy
  • Laurie Hamel-Western Insurance Advisors
  • Sharper Image Glass Works, LLC
  • City Electric Supply
  • Anonymous Donor at Vandelay Industries- Latex Sales Department
  • Lisa McBeth

empowering local businesses

I can’t even begin to express my gratitude on sending me such an amazing hard working and quick witted individual-Juan! He has truly been an asset to the restaurant and all his fellow staff members love him. Forever grateful!”


Local Businesses Featured Benefiting from our Workforce Ready Talent: Shipping with Ease, Angel Air Heating & Cooling, Quick Quack Car Wash, Bar Vinedo, Queen Creek Naturopathic, Circle K, Small Wonders Preschool, Culvers, Mr. Pickles Sandwich Shop, Safeway

empowering local schools

“I’m an administrator at one of the schools where The Change Project holds their weekly sessions. I’ve had the pleasure to see 4 years’ worth of cohorts be able to participate. This is one of the most powerful opportunities that our students have. All of the participants have an incredible experience. I don’t have the words to sufficiently describe how much these students have gained. I’ve seen them gain confidence - some students started the course unable to speak in front of a crowd, and ended the course giving a speech in front of 40+ people. I’ve seen students finish the course and reconcile with family members. All of them report greater confidence in themselves, their future, their ability to present themselves in an interview, their ability to resolve conflicts, and other improved soft skills. I haven’t seen anything else have so much impact in just 8 weeks. Community leaders constantly discuss how we can improve our youth and prepare them for the future; and this course is actually doing something about it. I can’t recommend it enough.”
Empowering Schools Class Pic 4
Raleigh Jones
ALA Ast. Director

why our sponsors support this program

“Urban Energy Solutions is proud to support Erica and The Change Project. We hosted a powerful leadership course in which Erica facilitated here at the UES office. While the content was very helpful, Erica’s passion and vulnerability helped a bunch of hardened construction workers to also change and mold into better employees. It was an easy decision to get behind The Change Project because as we all know finding quality help in any profession can be a struggle. We believe in the importance of our local companies to get behind our local youth to help grow and shape their minds along with giving them tools to be the successful employees and/or leaders of the future. We look forward to seeing where The Change Project can take our youth in the future.”


“When Erica shared with me what The Change Project was engaging in for the purpose of workforce development, I could simply not say no to getting behind these efforts! Being an employer in the trades, I experience first hand the struggles that not only businesses endure, but also witness the uncertainties our youth are burdened with as they attempt to find their calling by navigating through the expectations of others. Although I am a staunch spokesperson for the trades, I believe everyone has a unique talent or gift that once uncovered, taps into great joy, sense of worthiness and eventually enormous accomplishment. I look forward to watching the success of The Change Project come to life. ”


“Bella Casa Realty is extremely proud to support The Change Project and the extraordinary kiddos brave enough to step up and learn more as they navigate their way to adulthood and into successful careers. The decision to sponsor one of the kiddos was an easy decision. Being involved in DECA in high school greatly impacted my life and set me toward my career path. Erica, is taking it to the next level by giving our kids the opportunity to learn about their strengths and how to leverage their traits for optimum success. I look forward to hearing about all the successes of this program and the kiddos involved.”


“I met Erica in 2016 and immediately connected with her passion and commitment to making a difference. As the Change Project was coming to fruition, I knew without a doubt I would support Erica on this mission.
Erica and I share many of the same perspectives and to join forces with a vibrant and talented individual on a ferocious journey to help our leaders and youth to transform and unlock their potential is beyond a doubt one of the greatest contributions to society one can make”


“You inspired me from the first time I met you Erica. When I’m near you, I want to work harder on myself to project positivity. I have always wanted to participate in the sessions you offered through your former company. Now that you have taken this huge leap into The Change Project, I feel you are filling a huge void, and providing something that is sorely needed for our young students transitioning into young adults. I can only look at my own three daughters, and the methods by which they chose their paths, to see how needed The Change Project is. They have all dealt with low self-esteem and confidence issues to varying degrees, and in different ways. Even though my two older daughters are successful college graduates, by what metric are we measuring “success”? They both still struggle to find true happiness in their careers. What The Change Project provides is the means to find your true calling and to be excited about “adulting”, not dreading it as so many students do. You are giving these students not only the resources they need to achieve their dreams, but the best facilitator anyone could possibly wish for in guiding them. When I see what you’re doing, I get excited, because our country needs this! These kids are the future, and we need to turn things around, from the anxiety-ridden, depressed teenagers fearing the future, to the students who are sitting in your Workforce Development sessions, sharing their hopes, thoughts, dreams, and getting excited for their futures with you. I say “with” you because anyone who benefits from sitting in your class cannot help but be excited for the future, Erica!! What a shame it would be for students to miss out on what you’re offering because of funds. That’s why I fought to be able to sponsor (at any level).”


want to explore how to get involved?

E-MAIL us @ info@thechangeproject.us

Or better yet, CALL!  602-214-2787

“People are just as wonderful as sunsets if you let them be. When I look at a sunset, I don’t find myself saying, “soften the orange a bit on the right hand corner.” I don’t try to control a sunset. I watch with awe as it unfolds. ”


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